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Scots Catholic

Calling Scotland's 841,000 Catholics to unite as one voice


in bite-size!

Picture: CTS

Scots Catholic is delighted to bring you Evangelii Gaudium (The Joy of the Gospel)! Pope Francis’ first Apostolic Exhortation following on from last year’s Synod and a real insight into the Holy Father’s thoughts on a number of issues such as the sins of those in the Church, abortion, women priests, poverty and marriage.

The work itself is a broad consideration of evangelisation in and around the Church, however, it considers many other issues and, as a result, we will be dedicating a lot of time over the coming weeks to the Exhortation.

To start with we will be considering the Pope’s thoughts on a number of different issues affecting society today. We will then follow this up with a consideration of the Pope’s thoughts on evangelisation.

To be honest, it is a fascinating insight into the Pope’s thoughts and a fascinating insight into the future of the Church. 

CLICK THE LINKS, BELOW, TO ACCESS BITE-SIZE EVANGELII GAUDIUM (we will be adding to this list regularly so please visit often!):