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Scotland votes ‘Yes’ to Christianity!

Posted on September 1, 2015 at 3:46 AM
A year-long research project commissioned by Transforming Scotland has found that a majority of Scots have a positive view of the Christian faith. 
Despite the most recent Scottish Household Survey suggesting that a fairly large minority of 47.3% of Scottish people have no faith, the view of Christianity is broadly positive. Alan McWilliam of Transforming Scotland said: “The research has shown that a significant number of the Scottish public think the church is a good thing for a community, because it strengthens and cares for those within it, and acts as a positive influence for young people.  The fact that people still see the church as a positive contribution to society is hugely encouraging.”
In the South of Scotland 67% of people had a favourable impression of Christianity.  In the Lothians this figure was 54% with 62% stating that they believe Christianity has good principles and good values.  In Glasgow 54% had a favourable impression of Christianity with 49% saying it was a faith they respect.
Bizarelly, in covering the outcome of this report the Herald saw fit to ask the Scottish Secular Society for its opinion. Knowing the Scottish Secular Society and what it stands for I’m amazed the Herald would stoop so low as to ask them for an opinion on this report.  They are an organisation which continually spews out deeply bigoted views, particularly in relation to Christianity, and most of what they produce on their website and social media pages is nothing short of hatred as they lay out attack after attack on all things Christian.  I’m now certain that they do not represent the views of most secular people in Scotland, something that this report seems to prove.  Indeed members of the group have recently discussed whether or not they need to change their ways in order to be more appealing.  We can but hope and pray that they will one day join the majority of our Scottish brothers and sisters in seeing Christianity as a positive thing for our country. 
Thankfully most of Scotland does appreciate what Christianity brings to the table and are willing to admit that this is the case.  Christianity is without doubt a cause for good and something incredibly positive. It is the light which can bring us all out of the darkness.  While Scotland may have said no to independence, it most certainly says yes to Christianity.

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