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All he wants is some of your love…

Posted on August 14, 2015 at 7:57 AM
Ever wondered what it must be like to love everyone?  We as Christians are expected to love everyone but actually doing it is something of an unsurmountable challenge for most of us.  But imagine for a moment that you actually do love every single person who has ever lived, who is living, and who is to live.  Imagine for a moment that one of the reasons you love all of these people is because it is you who created them.  You gave each and every one of them your undivided attention in the moment you created them and you created them in such a way that they were like no other.  Each individual was brought into being with their own special traits, habits, hopes and fears.  And your hope for each of these created beings; your one and only desire?  That they turn back to you with love.
Jesus Christ just wants us to love him.  Yet in today’s world Jesus couldn’t be further from the thoughts of most people. The growth of relativism, the aggressive secular agenda, and perhaps worst of all, lapsed Christians, have all played their part in nudging Christ out of our hearts and minds.
As he hung on the Cross, his body battered and bruised and covered in blood from the trauma of his passion, his only thought was reconciling the failings of each and every one of us so that we may follow him and experience the glory of the Kingdom of God (eternal life to you and me).
Isn’t it about time we put Jesus first and gave him back some of that love he so willingly gave to us?

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