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The Shroud of Turin: the true burial cloth of Jesus Christ

Posted on April 20, 2015 at 12:10 PM
The Shroud of Turin has once again gone on public display in the Cathedral of John the Baptist in northern Italy.  It is the first public display of the cloth in five years and it is expected to last for a period of 67 days, drawing in millions of pilgrims including Pope Francis, who will visit the city to venerate the Shroud on 21 June.
The Shroud has been the subject of considerable debate over the years with regard to its authenticity; as many claim it to be the shroud in which Christ was buried.  Sceptics either deny it is a genuine shroud at all or, if it is, they say it is not necessarily the Shroud of Jesus Christ. 
Barrie Schwortz, a Jew, is one of the leading experts on the Shroud and has his own website dedicated to it.  In 1978 Barrie was invited to participate in the first ever in-depth scientific examination of the cloth and he fully expected to prove that the Shroud was a painted image probably from the middle ages.  However, after years of study Barrie came to believe that the cloth is indeed the burial Shroud of Jesus Christ.
Barrie says: “It was not a painting, it was not a scorch, and it was not a photograph….The most plausible explanation to me for the Shroud, both because of the science and my own personal background as a Jew, is that it was the cloth that was used to wrap Jesus’ body”.

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