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Woman with brain cancer makes a heartfelt plea to those in favour of assisted suicide: don't give up on me

Posted on March 5, 2015 at 8:37 AM
Maggie Karner is from Connecticut in the United States and is suffering from brain cancer. 
Her message is one of hope for those who are against assisted suicide and who would rather the energies of wider society were put into caring for people with illness, rather than simply putting them to sleep.  Her message is also a wake up call to those who advocate for assisted suicide.
Maggie says: "Assisted suicide law would undermine my cancer battle.  I can tell you from personal experience that it [assisted suicide advocacy] is nearly as troubling as the cancer itself.  You see, I get strength and comfort from the knowledge that nobody is going to give up on me - medically, psychologically or holistically."
She continues: "Right now, I have the firm support of the state and my fellow citizens in my desire to live - no matter the cost of the burden.  If that were to change, the tiny knowledge that I might be straining my family, friends, doctors or community resources unnecessarily would be a heavy burden.  The constant 'option' for suicide would wear at my resolve and I fear, become an unspoken 'duty' for me and others."
Maggie's warning certainly echoes the concerns raised by many people about assisted suicide and its potential effect on a number of vulnerable people.
In a call to her fellow Connecticut citizens (which is a call we in the UK should also take note of) Maggie said: "I encourage the caring voters of Connecticut to once again contact their state legislators and insist that assisted suicide has no place in our state of independent thinkers.  Slogans of 'right to die' are just words to people like me who need your constant and continued support to avoid a 'duty to die'.
We have been warned.

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