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We are all temples of God deserving of protection (Dwelling on the Word of God, Sunday 9th November 2014)

Posted on November 7, 2014 at 7:57 AM
Sunday’s Second Reading (1 Corinthians 3:9-11,16-17):
You are God’s building. By the grace God gave me, I succeeded as an architect and laid the foundations, on which someone else is doing the building. Everyone doing the building must work carefully. For the foundation, nobody can lay any other than the one which has already been laid, that is Jesus Christ.
Didn’t you realise that you were God’s temple and that the Spirit of God was living among you? If anybody should destroy the temple of God, God will destroy him, because the temple of God is sacred; and you are that temple.
Did you know that you are a temple of God?  God dwells within you!  God has made you in His image and at the very first moment of your existence He has breathed His Spirit into you.  This makes you a sacred temple of God.  That is why you are so special!
And as St Paul says, if anyone should destroy you then God will destroy him.  It’s not entirely clear what form this destruction would take but the warning is something that is abundantly clear.
We must value God-given life in all its stages.  God created all of us and He expects great care to be taken to preserve that gift of life.  That duty of care is something we are all called to perform.  It is not just a duty of the select few.  No, it is a duty for all of us.  We are all called to look after and to protect life, from the very beginning to the very end.
That is why we as Christians must stand up against anything which threatens to destroy life.  That is why we as Christians need to follow God’s call to protect his sacred temple and stand up for the rights of the vulnerable.  Unborn children in the womb are at more risk than ever because of abortion and because we aren’t willing to fight for them.  Elderly people and people with disabilities and illness are now increasingly at risk because of the increased prevalence of euthanasia across our world.  This is made worse by the fact that we aren’t willing to stand up for them.
We must remember that God dwells in each one of us, and any wilful destruction of a person is a destruction of God Himself.
If you can, please, please join in our campaign to end abortion by clicking the link, below.  There you will find a template letter/email to send to your MP. 
Please also add your name to the Care Not Killing petition against assisted suicide.  Again, the link is provided, below.

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