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Dwelling on the Word of God: Don’t Hold a Grudge (Friday 25th October 2013)

Posted on October 25, 2013 at 7:03 AM
From today's Gospel (Luke 12:54-59)
‘when you go to court with your opponent, try to settle with him on the way, or he may drag you before the judge and the judge hand you over to the bailiff and the bailiff have you thrown into prison. I tell you, you will not get out till you have paid the very last penny.’
Is holding a grudge something we find easy to do?  It’s probably fair to say that we have held a grudge at some point in our lives, we may even be holding a grudge right now.  You may even think you have good reason to hold your grudge because someone has been nasty or cruel to you. 
Such thoughts, however, are selfish ones.  They are all about you.  Remember what we said a few weeks ago, when we quoted Father Larry Richards when he said we should stick a note on our mirror which says ‘God first, others second, you third’?
Don’t hold a grudge.  Never let an argument or disagreement fester.  Always settle differences with people.  Even if they are unwilling it’s important that you do the Christian thing and lead by example.  Do as Jesus says and try to settle the matter before it gets too serious.  The prison Jesus speaks of is purgatory.  And he tells us that we won’t see the Kingdom of Heaven until we have paid every last penny of such things as grudges against our brothers and sisters. 

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