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Another Nail in the Coffin of Life as Belgium Votes to Euthanise Children

Posted on June 12, 2013 at 9:17 AM Comments comments (1)
Just when you thought life could not be valued any less the Belgian Parliament is set to vote to allow doctors to euthanise children. 
Yes, ‘lawful’ killing of children is no longer to be confined to the womb but will be extended to those outside the womb.  While abortion is a horrific ill and is, in my view, completely wrong, this ‘lawful’ killing of children is, in fairness to the anti-life brigade, a logical next step from abortion.  And then what?  Well, who knows where we will end up as the various western governments continue to railroad their respective countries into the mythical utopian land of complete and unconditional equality for all, coming at whatever cost is necessary, including death for those who don’t quite ‘fit in’. 
The net effect of this move by the Belgian Parliament is to treat children no differently to a sick animal like a dog or a cat.  If they are sufficiently unwell, put them to sleep.  It’s the most humane thing to do. 
We cannot let these issues lie.  People need to stand up for life more than ever before.  If we don’t we run the risk of the anti-life element of society (and it clearly exists) killing us off one by one in order to fulfil their selfish dreams and desires in the strive for complete equality and misplaced perfection across the whole of society.
If you are in support of life then please remember to click this link to our home page and sign up to the EU Petition for Life.  It’s vital we let our voice be heard, otherwise we simply let death win.  There are literally hundreds of pro-life organisations around the world and also at a local level to whom we can give our support and, of course, our prayers.

Babies with Down's Increasingly at Risk with Advanced Testing

Posted on June 7, 2013 at 10:00 AM Comments comments (2)
The obsession of detecting Down's Syndrome in babies at the earliest possible stage is continuing with the news that a more accurate test has been developed.
Professor Nicolaides, who is leading the research, said "the test is nearly diagnostic.  It tells you almost certainly your baby has Down's or almost certainly it does not." 
He then states, "from a woman's perspective, that is a much more clear message about what to do next."
This last statement is rather worrying as it refers to the result of the test bringing with it a message.  What can he mean by this?  Well, firstly, there can only be two possible results of a Down's test; either the baby has Down's or it doesn't.  Secondly, in most modern societies there are two options for women when pregnant; you either have the baby or abort it.  Given that there are only two options, is the Professor suggesting that, dependent on the outcome of the test, the mother will then be better informed as to whether or not to deliver or abort the child? 
This kind of research is a concern as it is suggestive that there is a difference between babies with Down's and those without.  It is divisive and extremely unhelpful to mothers who, with the rhetoric of modern society, may feel increasingly pressured to abort a child diagnosed with Down's. 
Children with Down's are no different to anyone else other than in the specific qualities given to them by God and those formed during their lifetime.  While I may not be particularly good at swimming, a good friend of mine is excellent at it.  And so is the difference between a person with Down's and one without.
While medical research in furtherance of life is to be respected and encouraged (provided it remains within the bounds of Church teaching) there can be no place for research which is of a mind to better inform a woman as to whether or not to willingly end the life of her child.
For the full BBC story please click the link, below: