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Scots Catholic

Calling Scotland's 841,000 Catholics to unite as one voice

A Call to Catholic dads: join us as we celebrate the 'Year for Fathers'!

St Joseph: a true hero and example of leading a family in faith

Today we make a call to all Catholic men to follow the life of a truly great man.

While Scripture may not reveal an awful lot about St Joseph, the man entrusted with the care of the Son of God and the Mother of God, we are given enough information to know his importance and to appreciate his devotion.

St Joseph was a man truly devoted to his wife and family. He made their Jewish faith a central element in the lives of their household. For example, we know that the family travelled to Jerusalem each year for the feast of the Passover. While some Jews would make this trip to Jerusalem, not all would. Indeed poverty would often prevent people from making this journey. So, was Joseph a rich man for whom it was not a financial burden to make such a trip? Not quite. If you remember when Mary and Joseph presented Jesus in the temple it was a pair of turtle doves that were offered up to God in sacrifice. This sacrifice was one of the cheapest around at the time and was a far cry from the lambs routinely sacrificed by those with greater financial clout.

Yet despite their poverty, Joseph was determined to make sure God came first. So he made sure the family went to Jersulaem each Passover and he made sure that Jesus was presented in the temple. These were difficult trips in those days, especially when you consider the distance between Nazareth and Jerusalem. But Joseph wanted his family to be close to God at all times and to give God His proper place in their family life.

So what can we learn from St Joseph? Perhaps the most important thing is to make sure we always lead our families to God and encourage them to live out their Christian faith. We must set an example to our children so that they will one day pick up the baton of faith and continue to run with it until it is time for their children to take it on. Our love for God should be obvious to our children. Our love for prayer should be obvious to our children. Our love for the poor and the needy should be obvious to our children. Our love for our faith should be obvious to our children.

And, of course, our love for our spouse should be obvious to our children. We must love and respect our spouse and be prepared to do whatever is best for them. And we should never compromise this. Remember, besides loving God, one of the principal reasons for your life is to get your spouse and family to Heaven. So don't be afraid to show affection to your family. Give them lots and lots of love and lead them to God by your example!

And so, as we at Scots Catholic embark on our third year in existence, we ask for the inercession of St Joseph to lead us in a 'Year of Fathers' where we will seek to encourage Catholic men to shake off the shackles of this secular society and don the cloak of St Joseph to be men of God! As Catholic people we are truly blessed to have the gift of our faith. So let's use it! Let's use it for the good of our families and the good of all people!

Today we make a call to all Catholic people but we do so with a special focus on the role of dads. Dads, we urge you to be leaders of faith in your household and to lead by example. Show your kids how much you love God, how much you love their mother, and of course, how much you love them! Be honest about how much your family means to you. Let's dig right down to the grassroots of what it is to be a Catholic dad in our world today.

And while we reach out to all people across the world, we focus especially on our own country of Scotland and the wider United Kingdom. Let's make these islands a place where Catholic people stand up for their faith. Let's be prepared to fight against the all too familiar wishy-washy relativism which is flowing through our lands, where God is rejected and we are fobbed off for living in the dark ages.

We are a people of God. We are Christian people following in the ways of Christ, the one true Saviour of all! We are a people who gather to praise God as part of the one, true Church formed by Jesus Christ himself! What greater honour than to be the man who goes against the tide to stand up for God? Who needs popularity when you have God?

Why can't it be a great thing to lead our children faithfully each week to Holy Mass to meet Christ, the greatest man who ever lived? Why can't it be a great thing to lead our families in prayer (say, a weekly Rosary) and devote a short time to our Blessed Mother, Mary? Why can't we just be open about our love for our spouse and show society how much we truly love them without hesitation or casting up imperfections?

The truth is, none of these things are impossible. We can do all of these things because we have a great gift. We have the gift of a Catholic faith which reveals to us the identity of true heroes who have walked this earth before us and set the standard. True heroes like St Joseph.

So please, join us in this year of prayer to St Joseph and please add your name to the guestbook, below, to show that you support this Year for Fathers. And please feel free to add a comment.

So let us kick off this year of devotion to St Joseph with a prayer:

Dear St Joseph, spouse of Mary and guardian of Christ our Saviour, we pray that you will guide all men to follow in your footsteps and to be a loving example to their families.

May they be leaders in faith, bringing their children into the light of Christ at every turn.

And may they be faithful husbands, ever willing to put the interests of their wives first, providing for her every need and giving her a pure and unconditional love to form a bedrock upon which their families may grow in love for God and neighbour.

St Joseph, pray for us.

Gauwbers said on Oct 14, 2015 12:35 PM

Amazing information.great post also. The online journalism classes is wonderful for developing their writing knowledge

Nicola Hoolaghan said on Jun 22, 2015 4:10 AM

@concrndfthrpray said on Mar 20, 2015 4:33 AM

Thanks for the positive encouragement as Dads strive for their family, manage the mantle of spiritual leadership in the family home and focus on demonstrating these values for their #kids1st! Grateful~May God continue to bless your ministry!

James Robert said on Mar 20, 2015 2:18 AM


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